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CrawlSharePointOnline: Add Fields to Crawl from the SharePoint Property Bag

Cognitive Operation: CrawlSharePointOnline


The CrawlSharePointOnline operation crawls for the metadata within SharePoint Online and adds it to an index in the Analytics Engine. SharePoint items, however, may contain additional properties that are not captured, by default, in the Analytics Engine.


To capture additional data from the SharePoint Property Bag and add fields to the Analytics Engine:

  • Add the key SharePointPropertyKeys to the CognitiveToolit.exe.config file.

  • By default, the key is not enabled. Enable the key by ‘uncommenting’.

  • Identify the items you would like added to the Analytics Engine by entering a comma-delimited list of properties to pull from SharePoint.


<add key "SharePointPropertyKeys" value "_CommentFlags,_ModerationComments,CheckoutUser,Author,_DisplayName" />

  • Run the CrawlSharePointOnline operation using the Cognitive Toolkit.

  • The following Fields have been added to the Analytics Engine along with the associated values which have been crawled and pulled from the SharePoint Property Bag:

    • _CommentFlags

    • _ModerationComments

    • CheckoutUser

    • Author

    • _DisplayName

You have successfully crawled and added fields from the SharePoint Property Bag and added them to the Shinydocs Analytics Engine!

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