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FAQ: Does Cognitive Toolkit support CIFS, NFS, and DFS file shares?

SMBv1 (Server Message Block) and it’s related protocol CIFS are deprecated and obsolete.

What do they mean?


Common Internet File System


Network File System


Distributed File System

Is it supported?

Yes, Cognitive Toolkit supports crawling CIFS, NFS, and DFS-based file shares.

Special Note on CIFS

Windows® may need to be configured to support SMBv1/CIFS (client-side), which is disabled by default on Windows® Server 2016, Windows® 10, and Windows® 11. This feature is disabled in Windows® since SMBv1/CIFS is deprecated by Microsoft®. Enabling this Windows® feature may pose security risks for your organization and we do not endorse its use. SMBv1/CIFS was replaced by SMBv2 and SMBv3.

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