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Extracting full text (Advanced)

Advanced instructions for AddHashAndExtractedText.

To see all the optional tools available.

  1. Open the Cognitive Toolkit by opening a windows command prompt in Administrator Mode

  2. Change directory (cd) to where you extracted the file

  3. Type the following command within the root folder of the Cognitive Toolkit:

    CognitiveToolkit.exe AddHashAndExtractedText --help

Command options:

Tool: AddHashAndExtractedText
Usage: CognitiveToolkit AddHashAndExtractedText [options]




-- source-settings <SOURCE SETTINGS> 


Default: leave blank for filesystem

Do not use this parameter if the source is a file system!

Path to json file that contains connection details for the repository (source). Templates for these files can be found in the CognitiveToolkit download under External Resources\Example Source Settings

--action-keyword <ACTION_KEYWORD>


Default: both

Action to perform (hash,text,both)

--debug-level <DEBUG_LEVEL>


Default: 20

The level of depth of exception messages (Default: 20)


Default: false

Forcefully remove / Suppress prompt for confirmation

--index-type <INDEX_TYPE>

Default: shinydocs

Include a name for the index objects. If you do not include a name, the name “shinydocs” will be recorded here. 

You cannot change the index type easily! Only use this option if you know what you are doing. 

--max-characters <MAX_CHARACTERS>


Default: all characters

The maximum number of characters for the extracted text field

Warning: Setting this value too high can result in timeouts or problems loading the index if the supporting hardware is unable to cope with the load. Shinydocs recommends 30,000 to ensure a performant index.

--ocr-utility <OCR_UTILITY>


Default: none

OCR Utility to use for text extraction (iron,none)

-a|--algorithm <ALGORITHM>


Default: md5

Algorithm (Available algorithms: md5, sha1, sha256, sha512)

-i|--index-name <INDEX_NAME>


Name of the index.

Note the value used here as it will have to match what is used in future Cognitive Toolkit tools (such as addHash).

-q|--query <QUERY>


Path to JSON file containing your desired query. The results of this query will be the input for this tool. You can also use escaped json directly in the command.

Paths with spaces or using inline JSON will require “double-quotes”.


Default: false

Skip re-processing errors - items marked as:


Errors indicate there was a problem in either generating the hash id for the item or text extracting. Check your logs for errors.


Default: false

Note: For tasks that are scheduled, --silent is preferred as there is a slight performance increase.

Turn off the progress bar

-t|--threads <THREADS>

Default: 1

Number of parallel processes to start

-u|--index-server-url <INDEX_SERVER_URL>


URL of the index server

Sample .json file:


Sample .bat file:

COG-Query-AddHash-md5 (1).bat

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