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Extract Unique Values

How to setup Discovery Search (Enterprise Search) to use the output

Discovery Search (Enterprise Search) has a feature in Advanced Search to read values from a JSON file for autocomplete and dropdown fields. Before this can be configured, you must run the RunScript and generate an output JSON file.

Any data loaded into these fields must be served when the user hits the Discovery Search page. As a result, all of the values will be downloaded in the browser’s cache. If your payload is too large, it could cause Discovery Search to initally load slowly.

It is not recommended to use this for values like path, name, fullText. These fields contain too many unique values and as a result, a large JSON payload.

It is recommended to use this for values like extensions, classifications, tags, etc. where there are too many values to enter manually or are updated/changed often.

  1. Open Discovery Search’s admin panel (ex.

  2. Navigate to Roles > [Select the role to apply this customization to] > Advanced Search > Add a new form or edit an existing

  3. Configure an autocomplete or dropdown field and select the same index field you selected for this script (ex. extension)

  4. Select the option “File” under “Values from”

  5. Paste the path to the json file exported with the RunScript tool. This path should be local to the Discovery Search server or in a location the server and the account running the Discovery Search application pool

    Note: Do not use double quotes in the path field

  6. Save your changes




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