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MicroStation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: The Cognitive Toolkit has extracted data; why is the text in a title block appearing in the index FullText field, rather than being assigned to a specific index field?

A: When the original engineering document was created, the title block may have been set as ‘text’, not as ‘tag’. If that is the case, the title block would not have a key value pair.

To confirm the title block attribute, locate the original document and hover over the attribute. In this case, the title block attribute was set to ‘tag’:

Image of a cursor hovering over a title block attribute. The attribute displays 'tag'.

Image of a cursor hovering over a title block attribute. ‘Tag’ is displayed as the attribute.

When new engineering documents are created, ensure that the title block is set to ‘tag,’ so that a key value pair is assigned and the text will be assigned to the associated index field.

Q: The Cognitive Toolkit has extracted data; why aren't DWG block attributes being associated with index field names (ie. drawing numbers).

A: When MicroStation opens a DWG, there is a setting that can be enabled to allow all DWG block attributes to be converted into tags. These tags allow key-value pairs that the Add-in can then extract and associate with. 

Ensure the DWG setting is enabled when configuring MicroStation. The following video demonstrates how to handle DWG Block Attributes in MicroStation Connect so that they can be opened and converted to Tags or Item Types.

Q: Why is the MicroStation Add-in not producing logs?

A: Permissions on the MicroStation working directory may not be allowing logs to be saved to the folder.

To fix this permissions problem, you can change the configuration for the Shinydocs MicroStation Add-in to point to a new logging directory.

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