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Migration: File Share to File Share

Software: Cognitive Toolkit

Operation: Migrate

Details: For internal servers or file shares

Use the Migrate operation in the Cognitive Toolkit to migrate documents from one file share to another file share.

  • Items are copied with all the metadata and the index (For example, date, time, user, destination path)

  • Structure/taxonomy of the files is maintained

  • Created and modified dates are maintained

Note: Permissions and ownership are not carried over during migration.

For files that are migrated into a folder with existing files that are the same, the Migrate operation will respect the --disable-over-write true flag and use --location-field and --name-field-name configuration settings.

This means that a duplicate file will be created and appended with a number, rather than overwriting the file and the last access date.


Example command to run the migration:

Migrate --index-server-url "http://localhost:9200/" --index-name "migrateindex" --destination-source-settings "C:\testdocs\migrate\settings\destination.json" --query "C:\testdocs\Queries\match_all.json" --path-prefix-to-remove "C:\testdocs\migrate\Source" --start-location "C:\testdocs\migrate\Destination"

Command parameters


path to the index


name of the index


path to JSON file containing a sourceType of FileSystem, for example:

  "sourceType" : "FileSystem"

Download the File Share source setting resource


path to JSON file query


path the folder containing all the files to migrate (Optional, but improves results when included)


path to the destination folder

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