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Configuring Box settings

This article describes how administrators can configure Shinydocs™ Discovery Search to connect with Box™, allowing end-users to download and preview files stored on the platform.

Box may enforce API rate limits that could be exceeded during the initial crawl of Box data. This may result in overage fees. Please contact Box support for any questions regarding rate limits and how to monitor usage.

Registering the Discovery Search app in Box

Adding Discovery Search as a Custom App

If you do not have a Box account, please create one.

  1. Log into

  2. Navigate to My Apps

  3. Create New App

  4. Select Custom App from the list of Application Types

  5. Select User Authentication (OAuth 2.0) from the list of Authentication Methods

  6. Enter an appropriate App Name (for example, Discovery Server)

  7. Copy the resulting Client ID and Client Secret and save them for later use (these will be entered later when you configure the Box connection in Discovery Search)

For more information, read the Box guide for Custom Apps.

Configuring the Discovery Search app

The Redirect URI must be formatted correctly:

  • HTTPS is required

  • https://<fqdn>:<port>/Box/AuthCode

This is the URL that users will be directed to once they connect to Box.

  1. Enter the Discovery Search server URL in OAuth 2.0 Redirect URI (for example, https://mycompany:9300/Box/AuthCode)

  2. In the Application Scopes section, under Content Actions, enable Read all files and folders stored in Box

  3. Enable Write all files and folders stored in Box

  4. Save the changes

For more information, read the Box guides to Setup with OAuth 2.0 and application Scopes.

Configuring the Box connection in Discovery Search

You will need copies of the Client ID, the Client Secret, and the Redirect URI to complete this section.

  1. Navigate to the Application settings menu

  2. Select Box settings

  3. As noted from the Discovery Search app registration in Box, enter the Box client id, the Box client secret, and the Box redirect URL

  4. Update the number of Max concurrent perm checks if you want to increase the number of permission checks that can be executed concurrently for each user running a search

  5. Update the number of index items that are permission checked upon retrieval from the index in Perm check chunk size if desired

  6. Save the changes

  7. Restart the Discovery Search application in IIS

An index of the Box data must exist before Discovery Search can be used to find documents. Ensure a crawl with Shinydocs Cognitive Toolkit against the Box instance has been completed before testing. Please refer to Initial Discovery - Box for instructions about how to use Cognitive Toolkit to crawl Box data.

End-users must log into Box from the Discovery Search user dropdown to review or download Box files within Discovery Search.

Authorizing access to Box

  1. Navigate to https://<fqdn>:<port>/Box/Authorize

  2. You may be prompted to log in

  3. Click Grant access to Box.
    You are redirected to the Discovery Search homepage.

  4. Run a search for Box content

  5. Confirm content from Box is returned

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