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Configuring App settings

Performance and behavior settings for the Discovery Search application can be updated on the App settings page in the Discovery Search admin. You can configure the Analytics index, modify the search behavior to improve performance, and customize the appearance of Discovery Search.

Site & Index settings

The Analytics index name is automatically populated during the installation of Discovery Search. We recommend this value remain unchanged.

This is the index that informs the visualizations on the Discovery Search Dashboard.

The Analytics index name value perpetuates during Discovery Search upgrades.

Search settings

Enable or turn off Search enhancements to align with business operations.

Improving performance

In general, Shinydocs recommends the default values for best performance.

You can update Search page size, Search gulp size, or Search max size. Modifying Search sizes may affect performance and/or usability.

Increase values if:

  • You have a highly performant environment

  • You would prefer to display more search results on each page

  • You would prefer a higher number of index items being checked at the same time

Decrease values if:

  • You have a poorly performing environment

Decreasing values could result in reduced usability.



Search page size

The number of search results that display per page. The default value is 15.

Search gulp size

The number of items in the index that a query searches at one time (batch size). The default value is 100.

Search max size

The maximum number of items in the index a query searches against. The default value is 1000.

Search field enabled

Allows for whitelist to be created and used for searching items in the index based on a searchable field name.

Enable advanced search keyword field

Displays a keyword search field in the Advanced Search option to users. Read Advanced Searching to learn how users employ this feature.

Report item filter enabled

Displays the Report Document option to users. See Removing Sensitive Items from Search Results for details about the user experience.

Enable search logic selection

Displays the Match option within the search bar in Discovery Search. Refer to Match Options in Searching with Discovery Search for how users can use Match.


Tailor the look and feel of Discovery Search to reflect your organization’s brand and tone. You can also modify a few behavioral settings to optimize your users' experience.

The Preview size limit field puts a cap on the file size that will render in the Preview pane. When a user selects a file that is above the threshold of this size limit, a warning that the "File is too large to preview" is displayed.

Increase this value if:

  • Most of your documents are larger than this value and your users need Preview capability

Decrease this value if:

  • Users encounter any errors or performance issues when previewing documents

  • Most documents are smaller than this value



Large logo name

The filename for the large logo displayed in Discovery Search (homepage).

Small logo name

The filename for the small logo displayed in Discovery Search (results page).

Preview size limit (bytes)

Sets the maximum file size a result can be for displaying a preview. The default value is 10485760 bytes (10 MB).

Fact rotation time (ms)

Sets the duration of each Fact appearance while users are waiting for search results to be returned. Facts are configured in Loader messages.

Disable thumbnail preview

Removes the option to preview results when they are returned.

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