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Configuring Content Server settings

We recommend reviewing these settings after installing Discovery Search, before providing access to users.

Update the Content Server connector settings if you have changed your Content Server settings or if you want to change the behavior and/or performance.

  1. Navigate to the Application settings menu

  2. Select Content Server settings

  3. The Setup section can be updated as follows:

    1. Enter the Base URL of the Content Server instance

    2. Enter a fully qualified domain name or an IP address in OTDS Endpoint

    3. Select the Rest API version

    4. Toggle the Enable login page on

  4. Update the following options in the Navigation section as required:
    Note: The options configure what happens when users click the URL of a Content Server item.

    1. Open page (default)

    2. Overview page

    3. Properties page

  5. Update the Bulk permission check size in Performance as required

The Bulk permission check size is the number of index items simultaneously permission checked when results are being fetched. It impacts how quickly records are ready to load after permission validation. We recommend the default value, of 25.

If your system is fast, increase the value.

If you notice a lag in seeing records being returned, decrease the value.

Enabling Content Server Shortcuts

Users can also access Content Server items by selecting Content Server shortcuts. To enable this functionality, update Content Server.

  1. Open Content Server as an administrator

  2. Select Admin in the top navigation

  3. Select Content Server Administration

  4. Navigate to Core System > Presentation > Configure Document Function

    1. [Recommended] Check Enable Document Overview Pages

    2. [Optional] Check any other options on the page depending on how you wish Content Server and Discovery Search to function at your organization

  5. Save Changes

Refer to the embedded PDF for more information about on-click behavior for documents on OpenText Content Server:


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