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Connecting Discovery Search to an Index

Connect the Discovery Search to at least one index to get users started with the application.

This article assumes an index has been created. For more information refer to Crawling your data.

  1. Launch a browser and open the new Discovery Search site (for example, http://localhost:9200/admin)

  2. Navigate to Roles

  3. From the Default Role, click Edit

  4. Select Sources Configuration

  5. Click + Add source

  6. Enter the name of the content source in Name

  7. In Indices, enter the name of the index that corresponds to the specified content source in Discovery Search

  8. Select the Language that the title will display in

  9. Enter the Title that will represent this index throughout the Discovery Search UI

  10. Click + Add source to add another source index to this role

  11. Once all sources are added, save changes

  12. Please read Configuring Roles for more details

Each role can have different values for the above settings, as well as variances in what sources are available to each role

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