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Enabling Content Server Shortcuts

New functionality in Discovery Search (Server) 1.8.0, built to avoid common errors with opening Content Server shortcuts, has a dependency that clients must make some changes in Content Server to ensure the links function as intended. Below are recommendations from Shinydocs to enable this functionality.

  1. Open Content Server as an administrator

  2. Select Admin in the top navigation bar

  3. Select Content Server Administration

  4. Navigate to Core System → Presentation → Configure Document Function

  5. Recommended:

    1. Check Enable Document Overview Pages

    2. Optional: Check any other options on the page depending on how you wish Content Server and Discovery Search to function at your organization

    3. Reference the PDF below(reference 1) for explanations and guidance around the behavior of each of these Content Server configurations

  6. Select “Save Changes” to commit changes

Reference 1:


The intended behavior of launching Content Server links from Discovery Search

  • For a shortcut; launching would open the original item (if the user has permission to the item)

  • For a document; launching would take you to the overview page

  • For a folder; launching would browse it

  • The issue still remains if the user does not have perms to the original item or it has been deleted; Content Server would show an error.

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