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Enabling Logging

Enable logging for the Discovery Search server by creating the folder and ensuring the correct permissions are set for it. The default folder name is configured as “discovery-search”.

  1. Create a folder called “discovery-search” under C:\inetpub\logs

  2. Right-click the folder and select the Security tab

  3. Update user permissions

    1. If Discovery Search is using the default Application Pool user (ApplicationPoolIdentity), grant "Authenticated Users" Modify access

    2. If Discovery Search is using a different Application Pool user, grant it Modify access

If you want logs to be saved in a different folder:

  1. Create the folder under C:\inetpub\logs

  2. Update user permissions (as identified in Step 3 above)

  3. Log into Discovery Search Admin

  4. Navigate to Setup > Web.config

  5. Update the LogOutputLocation field value with the name of the folder you created

  6. Click Save changes

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