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Configuring Identity filtered indices

To improve search efficiency, administrators can configure Discovery Search to filter results by matching them with the Windows identity of the logged-in user.
This feature compares the Windows identity stored in a configured index field with the user's identity, eliminating non-matching records.
After configuration, search results will only include folders that contain the user's identity in the path.

  1. Open the Discovery Search Administration site

  2. Select Identity filtered indices from the side menu, under Configure

  3. Enter the name of the index this filter will apply to in the Index name field

  4. Select a field name from the Index field name dropdown (for example, “path”)

  5. Enter the identity string that will be used to match identities against in the Query field (for example, “C:\\Users\\YourOrganization\\<identity>”)

  6. Click the Save changes button

Values will only appear in the Index field name dropdown if the index name provided in the first field is valid.

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