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Configuring Report document options

The Report document options feature allows users to remove sensitive items from search results. During a review of a document, users can click a Report Document button in the Preview pane to indicate that the document should not be returned in future search results. When the Report Document button is clicked, the user is prompted to select from a list of explanations.

When a user reports a document, a record of the action is written to an audit index, including who reported it, which document was reported, when was it reported, and the reason the user selected when reporting it. For more details read Viewing the Discovery Audit Index.

By default, the list of explanations includes:

  • “Contains sensitive information”

  • “No business value”

  • “Inappropriate”

Discovery Search administrators can customize this list of reasons by adding or removing options.

  1. From the Admin Panel, click the Report document options menu item

  2. Click + Add option

  3. Enter a value in the Option field

  4. Click Save changes

To remove an option, click the X corresponding to the option and save the changes.

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