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Configuring Result sorting

Discovery Search search results can be sorted by an index field, in ascending or descending order. Administrators can configure which index fields are sortable and what text is displayed to the user in the Sort by dropdown. Examples of fields that can be sorted include date stamps, tags, size, and owner.

The Sort by option is displayed in the search bar after at least one option has been configured.

Before configuring this feature, sources must be configured.

  1. From the Admin Panel, select the Result sorting menu item

  2. Click the + Add sort option

  3. Select an index field from the Index field name dropdown

  4. Select a value from the Language dropdown that will match the display names (see next step)

  5. Enter a meaningful display name for the ascending option in the Ascending field

  6. Enter a meaningful display name for the descending option in the Descending field

  7. Click Save changes

We recommend an IIS restart after changes are saved in the Admin Panel.

The default sort option, Best Match will be used for all searches if no sort option is configured.

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