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Configuring Result tags


Result tags can be used to graphically tag documents, grouped by index fields. For example, an administrator can assign colors or styles to various extension values. An administrator might assign Console to the extension value “dwg” in this example.

Example of how to configure a tag for index field extension. As administrator selects a Style value, the Tag preview updates.

Users who have completed a search will see the configured tag appearing for CAD drawing file types.

An example of what a user would see when a tag is graphically represented in a search result list.

Adding or editing a result tag

  1. From the Admin Panel, click Result tags menu item

  2. To create a new result tag, click + Add result tag button

  3. Select a value from the Index field name dropdown (the field must not be an array)

  4. To edit an existing result tag, click the Edit button of the Index field you want to update

  5. Enter the value of the index field, that you want to graphically tag, in the Value field

  6. Select a style or color from the Style dropdown

  7. Preview the style or color in the Tags preview area, to the right of the Style dropdown

  8. Select a language and the text you would like to see in the tag

    1. This will update the Tags preview area also

  9. Click the Save button to finish or click the +Add tag button to add more

We recommend an IIS restart after changes are saved in the Admin Panel.

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