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Installing and Using the Shinydocs Protocol


Shinydocs Protocol bridges Discovery Search and your file system, allowing Discovery Search users to open file system results in their native location. Discovery Search will automatically take users to the folder where the result lives and have it pre-selected.

User experience

The Shinydocs Protocol must be installed on the end-users machine.

When the user clicks on a file system result in Discovery Search, they will be taken to the file’s location in Windows Explorer with their result pre-selected:

Clicking on a Discovery Search file system result takes the user to the file in Windows Explorer

Getting Started


  • Windows 10/Windows 11

  • Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

  • Shinydocs Discovery Search


Shinydocs Protocol Handler can be provided to you securely through your collaboration space. Please submit a request to your support representative.


No restart is required for this installation.

ShinydocsProtocolSetup.msi installation can be completed automatically or with user input:

  1. To install ShinydocsProtocolSetup.msi silently, with no user interaction, use msiexec from Microsoft. For more information, visit the Microsoft Learn msiexec article.

  2. To install ShinydocsProtocolSetup.msi with user input, double-click on the file and follow the setup wizard.

The default installation location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Shinydocs Corporation\ShinydocsProtocolSetup.


Once Shinydocs Protocol has been installed on users' machines, Discovery Search will need to be configured to use it for file system results.

  1. Open the Discovery Search Admin Panel (for example, https://discoverysearch/admin)

  2. Go to Application settingsFile system settings

  3. Under Customization, set File system link behavior to open-protocol

  4. Save changes

There are no settings to configure in ShinydocsProtocolSetup.

The first time you click on a file system result, you may be prompted by your browser to allow the opening of the Shinydocs Protocol. If so, check “Always allow…” and “Open Shinydocs Protocol”


ShinydocsProtocolSetup can be removed from Windows Programs and Features or using msiexec from Microsoft. For more information, visit the Microsoft Learn msiexec article.


To update to the current version of Shinydocs Protocol, uninstall the previous version of ShinydocsProtocolSetup and follow the standard installation process for a new version.

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