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Updating Discovery Search

Updating Discovery Search requires updates in two areas:

  • web.config

  • IIS

Updating the web.config

  1. Download Discovery Search from Shinydocs Collab

  2. Install in a new folder within the same directory as the prior installation

  3. Copy all settings from the old web.config file and paste them into the designated area in the new web.config file, as suggested by the following comments:

        <!-- For Migration, place all settings from a previous version of the web.config not already set above; below this line.  They will be migrated into the index on first startup, and then can safely be removed from disk. -->
        <!-- For settings that were previously in the Configuration Directory, leave them there until after first startup, they will be migrated to the index.  Once complete, you can remove them from disk -->
  4. Update the following parameters in the new config file to match the value from the previous config file:

    1. IndexServerUrl

    2. SettingsIndexName

    3. SettingsEncryptionKey

    4. ActiveDirectoryAdminGroup

Typically, any current settings not already in the configuration file should be copied. However, if you didn’t, reasonable defaults would be applied which can then be configured through the admin pages.

Updating Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

  1. Open the IIS Manager

  2. Locate and select the Discovery Search site

  3. Stop the site

  4. Select Basic Settings

  5. Update the Physical path value with the new folder

  6. Start the site

Verifying installation and cleaning up temp files

  1. Launch a browser and open the Discovery Search site (for example, http://localhost:9200/admin)

  2. Confirm Discovery Search is live and accessible

  3. Remove all temp files under C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Temporary ASP.NET Files\root\

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