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Advanced Searching

Advanced Search allows you to specify additional criteria to help refine your search before executing it. Discovery Search allows administrators to configure multiple advanced search forms. If multiple Advanced Search forms are configured, a form dropdown list will appear after clicking Advanced Search that prompts you to select which form you want to use. Customized Advanced Search options will then display.

Advanced Search Forms are configured and assigned to Roles by your administrator.

  1. Click Advanced Search from the Discovery Search homepage or from the results page

  2. In the Advanced Search dialog, optionally select a type of Match from the dropdown list

  3. Optionally select a Source value from the dropdown list

  4. Optionally select a Sort option from the dropdown list

  5. Select the form you want to use from the Select form dropdown list

    1. If only one form is configured, no dropdown will display

  6. Complete the form

  7. Click Search

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