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Discover User Analytics & Search Analytics

Users with access to the Discovery Search Admin panel can assess and discover user and search trends, providing visualizations and insight into data access and tool usage.

Narrow down results by:

  • Specifying a Username

  • Clicking All sources to select one or more sources

  • Clicking All time to specify a date range


The User Analytics Dashboard depicts search counts by Source per user.

Searches by Source

This pie chart provides a color-coded visualization of the search counts by Source per user, including:

  • The number of searches being conducted against a specific source

  • The number of unique users who have searched against a particular source

Searches by Source Data Tables

Data feeding this pie chart are also displayed in a table format, including:

  • A Source table listing content sources in descending order by the number of searches (below the pie chart)

  • A User table listing users in descending order by the number of searches (to the right of the pie chart)

This usage pattern table can be filtered by username, source, and time range.

Search analytics

The Search analytics page is a sortable list of user access events, displayed in descending order by timestamp, including:

  • A Results found column displaying a combined total of the results returned and the results filtered from a user’s search

  • A Duration column displaying a combined total of the time to complete the search and the time to further refine the search through the use of filters

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