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Refining Search Results

The results of your standard or advanced search display on the results page. Results can be reviewed and further refined from this page. Results can be refined by content source and/or by using filters.

The results page is configurable by your administrator. The look and feel of search results may vary based on the configuration. 

Refine by Content Source

Similar to conducting a source-specific search, results can be filtered by content source, if enabled by your administrator. To filter results by content source:

  1. Navigate to the Content Sources in the left-side panel of the results page

  2. Click your desired Content Source

  3. Review the refined search results

Refine by Filters

Filters can be configured for each Content Source to enable additional results filtering. What Filters are available may vary by Content Source and are configured by your administrator. To use Filters:

  1. Navigate to the available filters in the left-side panel of the results page

  2. Expand the headings (if required) to review the options

  3. Select your desired filters

  4. Review the refined search results

Screenshot of filters applied to results in Discovery Search

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