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Result tags do not fully render


Occasionally, after Discovery Search is updated to a new version, you may notice that Result tags do not fully render on the search results page. The tag appears to be minimized.

Three records listed on the search results page, one of which has a minimized result tag.


The text content of result item templates is hardcoded with a tag for English (for example, {{text.en}}.


Update all result-item templates.

  1. Open Discovery Search Admin

  2. Navigate to and open the Templates menu

  3. Edit each template whose ID value ends with “result-item”

    1. Locate the custom-tag-chip

    2. Remove .en from {{text.en}}

      Screenshot of the default result item template, with a red arrow pointing at .en
    3. Save changes

  4. Restart the Discovery Search site in Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

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