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Checklist: Identify and Cleanup Prep

Preparing to crawl & visualize results

Use this checklist to help set yourself and your team up to crawl successfully and visualize results with ease.

Preparing for an initial metadata crawl

An initial metadata crawl enables you to identify what ROT data exists and where it lives within your organization.


  • Shinydocs Cognitive Toolkit is installed and activated on the machine that will crawl your organization’s data
  • Crawl inputs are prepared and shared with project team; these include:
    • Name of file path to be crawled
    • Role/Name of business owner (enables assignment of the owner field)
    • Index description
    • SD service account has min. READ access to file path to be crawled
  • You have shared the network/UNC path for the share to be crawled with the team member who will perform the crawl
  • The team member performing the crawl is ready to run the desired command from Windows Command Prompt with an account that has access to the share

Preparing to crawl for duplicate content

A follow-up hash crawl enables you to effectively and efficiently identify what duplicate content exists and where it lives within your organization.


  • An initial metadata crawl is confirmed completed
  • You’re prepared to open Windows Command Prompt as an admin, change directory to the location where Shinydocs Cognitive Toolkit is installed, and run the desired crawl command with an account with access to the share 

Preparing to visualize crawl results

Visualizing crawl results provides an enterprise view of your organization’s data. Visualizations help illustrate the scope of an organization’s data and its accompanying data challenges. Visualizations also help highlight key areas to address in your organization’s data management strategy.


  • Shinydocs Cognitive Toolkit (specifically the Indexer and Visualizer) is installed 
  • You have access to a web browser and know the address for where the Visualizer is installed 
  • You can access the Base - Metadata and Duplicated Files dashboards
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