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Enterprise Search: The Essentials

Why it matters 

Enabling employees to find the information they seek quickly and easily results in increased organizational efficiency and improved job satisfaction. Enterprise Search is a powerful federated search tool that allows users to search across multiple sources from one location. Incorporating Enterprise Search into your organization’s data management strategy is key to ongoing success.


Deploying Enterprise Search at your organization enables many positive business outcomes.

One search, multiple sources

Employees save valuable time, as there is no need to repeat the same search in multiple repositories.

Permissioned access

Enterprise Search allows employees to search content from multiple sources across your organization; however, users can only view results for which they have access, based on the permissions you have set for them. Content is accessible, but also secured.

Organizational analytics

Gain an understanding of what users are searching for and who is accessing content through search and usage analytics. Business insights can be shared with stakeholders through visualizations.

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