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Visualizing Content Cleanup Results

Visualizing Content Cleanup Activities

By creating visualizations and displaying them as dashboards in the Visualizer, teams can present progress and results of content cleanup activities to stakeholders. Dashboards can be created from scratch in the Visualizer. Alternatively, dashboards that come standard with Cognitive Suite can be cloned and modified to communicate your desired outcomes. 

Modifying Dashboards

Modify dashboards to maximize the effectiveness of your results presentation to stakeholders. Dashboards can be modified by adding, editing, or deleting visualizations.  

Adding Visualizations

To add a visualization to a dashboard:

  1. From Dashboard, click Edit

  2. Click Add

  3. Either:

    1. Select a visualization from the list OR

    2. Click Add new Visualization

      1. Select the desired visualization type

      2. Select the index the new visualization will apply to OR

      3. Select the Saved Searches Filter to be used for the visualization

      4. From Data, add Metrics and/or Buckets, if desired

        1. Metrics add aggregation to the data within the visualization

        2. Buckets enable splits that further refine the visualization

      5. Click Apply Changes (the play button icon) to preview added metrics and/or buckets

      6. When satisfied with the visualization, click Save 

      7. Give the visualization a name

      8. Click Confirm Save

Hot Tip

When adding a new visualization to a dashboard, note that it will appear at the bottom of the page. Scroll down to locate the new visualization and drag it to the desired place within the dashboard. 

Editing Visualizations

To edit a visualization on a dashboard:

  1. From the dashboard, click Edit

  2. From the visualization you want to edit, click the gear icon

  3. Click Edit visualization

  4. Make your desired edits

  5. Click Apply Changes (the play button icon) to preview your edits

  6. Do one of the following:

    1. To modify the visualization across all dashboards:

      1. Click Save

      2. Click Confirm Save

      3. Return to the dashboard and observe the visualization is updated

      4. Click Save

    2. To only edit the visualization for the current dashboard:

      1. Click Save

      2. Toggle on Save as a new visualization 

      3. Give the new visualization a name

      4. Click Confirm Save

      5. Return to the dashboard and click Add

      6. Search for and select the newly saved visualization

      7. Close the Add Panels fly-out

      8. Scroll to the bottom of the dashboard and confirm the visualization is added

      9. Remove the previous visualization by following the steps to delete a visualization (below)

      10. Drag the newly added visualization to the desired location on the dashboard

      11. Click Save

      12. Click Confirm Save

Deleting Visualizations

To delete a visualization from a dashboard:

  1. Click Edit

  2. From the visualization you want to delete, click the gear icon

  3. Click Delete from dashboard

Hot Tip

To avoid accidentally removing visualizations from other dashboards, Shinydocs recommends deleting visualizations from the dashboard only, not from the Visualize tab.

A sample dashboard including multiple visualizations

Fig. 1: A sample dashboard including metric, pie chart, and column chart visualizations

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