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How to Set Up the Shinydocs Visualizer

Prepare a dashboard

Once the initial metadata crawl has begun, the index pattern can be set up and default visualizations and dashboards imported to the Visualizer. The index pattern is what the Visualizer draws from to display results in visualizations. These visualizations, in turn, can be grouped together in a dashboard. Dashboards can help team members and project stakeholders connect results to business objectives.

Set up the index pattern

The Visualizer leverages an index pattern to determine the results to display in visualizations and dashboards. An index pattern need only be created once. It can be created once an initial metadata crawl has successfully begun. 

To set up the index pattern:

  1. Access your organization’s Visualizer

  2. Click Management

  3. Click Index Patterns

  4. Click Create Index Pattern

  5. In the Index Pattern text field, type the name of the index 

    1. Note: The index will display in the results if a metadata crawl completes successfully.

  6. Click Next step

  7. Click “I don’t want to use the Time Filter” under the Time Filter field name drop down menu

  8. Click Create index pattern

Import default visualizations and dashboards

Visualizations are widgets that explore or explain items in the index using charts or graphs. Dashboards are used to group multiple visualizations together to present a specific explanatory or exploratory theme to stakeholders. While it is possible to create visualizations and dashboards net new in the Visualizer, default visualizations and dashboards are available to import as part of the Cognitive Toolkit. 

To import default visualizations and dashboards into the Visualizer:

  1. Click Management

  2. Click Saved Objects

  3. Click Import

  4. Navigate to Visualizations.json

    1. Note: This file is usually found within the folder structure \\shinydocs-cognitive-toolkit-resources-X.X.X.X-YYYY-MM-DD\External Resources\Sample Visualizations

  5. Click Open

  6. Click Import

  7. From the dropdown within the Visualizer, select the index pattern created in the preceding step

  8. Click Confirm all changes

  9. Click Done

  10. From the side panel in the Visualizer, click Dashboard

  11. Click Base-Metadata (the name itself and not the checkbox)

  12. Review the results from the initial metadata crawl

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