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Migration Tool pre-release (July 2023)

The initial pre-release of our Migration Tool will undergo testing by a select group of pilot users. The purpose of this testing is to demonstrate the effectiveness and viability of the solution for further development.

Pre-release scope

  • Install the Migration Tool via a Windows executable file

  • Conduct migrations using an Intuitive desktop user interface

  • Quick migration wizard:

    • Choose a folder to crawl and migrate

    • Indicate where to migrate the files (for example, a mounted Azure drive)

    • See an estimate of how much time the migration process will take

  • Pause the migration queue and resume it

  • Review a page that reports on the migration status, including information on errors encountered during the migration

  • Download a CSV version of the report, which contains additional columns and more information compared to the in-application report

  • Validate files after migration by comparing hash values

  • Re-migrate files that encountered errors during migration can be migrated again

  • Copy taxonomy and permissions as part of the migration; The user that initiates the migration becomes the new file owner

  • Store indexes are stored on Migration Tool user machines

  • Display your company’s logo on the application banner

Known issues

  • When setting up the migration source for a large dataset or a dataset that resides on a slower machine, calculating the time estimate before queuing takes longer than expected

  • A time estimate for the migration is not displayed in the queue

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