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Reviewing the Migration Details

Migration Details page

You can review the results of your migrations on the Migration Details page. Information is displayed in two areas:

  • Details – Presents a summary of the migration, including the number of Files migrated, the total file Size migrated in MB, the Source and Destination folder paths, and the Date started and Date ended date and time.

  • Files – Presents the Name, File path, and Size of each file that was migrated, as well as any Notes entered during the migration. This data can be exported to CSV by clicking Export report.

The exported CSV file contains additional information not displayed on the Migration Details page.

Validating migration details

The green checkmark displayed to the left of the file Name indicates the file has been successfully validated, which means the file was crawled, hashed, migrated, and hashed again, with the new hash value compared to the original has value to confirm the hash is the same.

When something goes wrong (for example, you didn’t have access to a file you were migrating), a yellow triangle is displayed instead of a green checkmark.

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