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Automation Review February 2021/2.2.0 Release Notes

Product: Automation Review

Version: 2.2.0

Date: February 8, 2021

  • Document Definition field: Automation Review now offers a mechanism for end users to find and select documents that have not been through the automation process. The Document Definition field has been added to the review, allowing the user to pick the folder location in Content Server for the document. (Ref: AUTO-109)

  • Performance improvements when retrieving the PDF page count: The Automation Review tool has been optimized when retrieving the page count from PDF files. (Ref: AUTO-238)

  • Search optimizations: Improvements have been introduced to improve the performance and stability of the search client in Automation Review. (Ref: AUTO-269)

  • Reserve Documents: Automation Review users can now elect to reserve a document on the Review page. When enabled, this will prevent multiple users from editing the same document concurrently. (Ref: AUTO-283)

  • Save Documents: Automation Review users can now elect to save their work if they need to step away from their device. Saving their work will not publish or send the document to the next step in the workflow. If the document is reserved by the current user, the save button will be available, otherwise it is disabled. Saving a document will update the index with the new changes, but it will not mark the document as reviewed. (Ref: AUTO-284)

  • Check for expired reservations: Automation Review administrators can now configure how often the tool checks for expired reservations using new settings in appsettings.json: ReservationWatcherIntervalMinutes and ReservationTimeoutInMinutes. ReservationWatcherIntervalMinutes specifies how often the background job runs to a maximum of once every 24 hours. ReservationTimeoutInMinutes specifies how long a reservation can remain in the system. (Ref: AUTO-285)

  • Support for multiple indices: Automation Review administrators can now configure the tool to support multiple indices. (Ref: AUTO-334)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the first page of a document preview is mirror-inverted. (Ref: AUTO-125)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed OTDS errors and other authentication issues in index-editor. (Ref: AUTO-190)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where a blank page would appear when first selecting a folder location. (Ref: AUTO-202)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an intermittent issue with breadcrumbs when selecting a folder in OpenText Content Server. (Ref: AUTO-205)

Shinydrive Service module 1.6.5 is a prerequisite for running Automation Review 2.2.0.

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