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Automation Review January 2022/2.3.2 Release Notes

Product: Automation Review

Version: 2.3.2

Date: January 14, 2022

  • Support for Inherited RM Classifications: Improvements have been made to support the classification picker in order to pre-populate RM Classifications. When a folder with RM classifications applied is selected, the classifications dropdown should show them as selected. (Ref: AUTO-509)

  • Document Management Category: Improvements have been made to address issues with the Document Management category where values would not cascade when the Document Type is selected or where stale values for the category would be presented to the user in Automation Review. (Ref: AUTO-511, AUTO-512)

  • User Experience: The user experience for Automation Review has been improved via the introduction of a loading icon when populating the category data, which is helpful for users running on slower systems. (Ref: AUTO-513)

  • File Downloads: Improvements have been made to address an issue which would result in the PDF version (ie. preview) of a file to be downloaded rather than the file in its original format. (Ref: AUTO-514)

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