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Automation Review June 2021/2.3.0 Release Notes

Product: Automation Review

Version: 2.3.0

Date: June 7, 2021

  • Improved User Experience: Automation Review has been greatly enhanced to offer a more modern, intuitive and adaptive web interface, with significant improvements made in the areas of branding, navigation, modal windows, forms and tables. In addition, the home and validation page user interfaces have been significantly improved to offer greater overall usability. (Ref: AUTO-318, AUTO-319, AUTO-320, AUTO-321, AUTO-323, AUTO-324, AUTO-325, AUTO-381, AUTO-385)

  • Improved Support for Categories and Attributes: Support for cascading attributes in OpenText Content Server is now available in Automation Review. (Ref: AUTO-230)

  • Improved Security: Automation Review now offers administrators a more secure method for storing an encrypted password in the appsettings.json file. (Ref: AUTO-249)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue which could result in documents erroneously being assigned the previous location folder when cs_folder_id is invalid. (Ref: AUTO-216)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue which could result in a date selection erroneously selecting a previous day rather than the date selected. (Ref: AUTO-261)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue which could result in a misleading error message when no documents are available for review. (Ref: AUTO-262)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue which could prevent documents that have been marked as ‘unknown’ from showing fields properly. (Ref: AUTO-264)

  • Known Issue: When selecting filters, autocomplete may not work as expected when entering the first two characters of the filter. (Ref: AUTO-421)

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