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Automation Review May 2022/ Release Notes

Product: Automation Review


Date: May 2, 2022


  • Review: Added an indicator on documents when duplicates have been detected. Users can now easily identify and be made aware of duplicates. A button on the indicator allows users to open a popup listing all duplicates where you can select one or more documents and bulk Reject the duplicates. There is also a prompt that allows a user to add a rejection reason to any rejected duplicates. Documents that have been put on hold by another user or that have been previously rejected will not apply to this workflow and must be removed from hold before they can be managed on this screen.

    • The Indicator on the Review screen

      The indicator in a document list

      The Bulk Reject popup

  • Review: Publish, Reject, and Save buttons moved to be sticky on the screen so users can more easily find and select them while scrolling and zooming.

  • Review: Added a dropdown list of rejection reasons when rejecting documents. The reason selected will be tied to the document’s metadata. The current reasons are populated: Duplicate, Draft, Rescanning Required, Other


  • Improved the calendar date picker to open when selecting a field for the filter or validation page

  • Fixed a spelling mistake in Log files

  • Fixed an issue where old app settings could make the Review tool unresponsive

  • Fixed an issue in the Review tool where changing cascading TKL attributes to an empty value when a depending category has been set still migrates the linked value Known Issues

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