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Automation Review September 2021/2.3.1 Release Notes

Product: Automation Review

Version: 2.3.1

Date: September 13, 2021

  • New Document Viewer: Automation Review has implemented a significantly improved viewing technology for the solution which allows end users to preview documents of many types including PDF, Microsoft Office, image formats, engineering drawings. Large files, such as LAS file archives, are supported via a download option for documents larger than 5MB (by default). (Ref: AUTO-200, AUTO-492, AUTO-459)

  • Matching definition field to Content Server categories and attributes: Automation Review is now able to match the index field name between the definition entry and the value stored in the Content Server category. Previously, if these values were not matched, Automation Review would not successfully retrieve supplementary information from Content Server, such as the attribute type, its valid values, maximum length etc. (Ref: AUTO-453)

  • Automated Classification Look-ups: Automation Review now leverages the index of Content Server Classifications that it has created in order to perform a classifications look-up instead of relying on entries manually provided in the classifications.json file. Automation Workflow keeps this index up to date through periodic crawls. (Ref: AUTO-408)

  • Bug Fix: A date picker picker now appears in Automation Review if the attribute type is also a date format in Content Server. (Ref: AUTO-446)

  • Bug Fix: Automation Review no longer experiences issues if multiple button requests are issued in rapid succession by the end user. (Ref: AUTO-440)

  • Bug Fix: Addresses an issue which could result in fields erroneously appearing as required fields. Fields that are not required no longer display an error state when they do not have a value. (Ref: AUTO-434)

  • Bug Fix: Addresses an issue with text autocomplete when using filters in Automation Review. Users are no longer required to type the full word before the term will be recognized in the filter field. (Ref: AUTO-421)

  • Bug Fix: Addresses an issue which, when selecting multiple documents for review, would allow users to change fields for a reviewed item after a successful rejection or validation. (Ref: AUTO-419)

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