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Automation Suite 2.3.3 (July 2022)

Here is where you will find information on feature enhancements and fixed issues that are part of the Automation Suite 2.3.3 (July 2022) release.


Cognitive Suite 2.8.0 Compatibility


As of this release, Automation 2.3.3 is compatible with Cognitive Suite version 2.8.0.

How to enable

To leverage Cognitive Suite 2.8.0 capabilities with Automation Suite, update your version of Cognitive Toolkit to 2.8.0. Please note that the following pre-requisites are required for a successful update to Cognitive Suite 2.8.0:

  • .NET 6 Hosting Bundle

  • .NET 6 Runtime

  • Cognitive Suite Extraction Service (available through Shinydocs Collab)

  • Java (11 or higher)

To review Automation Suite requirements, please visit the Automation Suite Installation Guide.

Automation Review: Warning when destination folder includes pre-existing file with same name


A warning is displayed when attempting to add a document to a destination folder where a document with the same name already exists. You can also view the pre-existing document from within OpenText Content Server by clicking View in Content Server.

Automation Review displaying a warning for an existing file named the same

Duplicate name warning in Automation Review

How to enable

This improvement is automatically enabled once updated to Automation Suite 2.3.3.

Fixed Issues

Workflow: Service account configuration prompt no longer occurs


Previously, when completing installation using the Automation Workflow Installer a subsequent time, the prompt to configure a service account did not appear. Now, if using Automation Workflow Installer a second (or third, fourth, etc.) time, a prompt to configure a service account is displayed each time the installer is used. Additionally, a completion screen is displayed following each installation.

Known Issues

There are no known issues to share as part of the Automation Suite 2.3.3 release.

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