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Automation Workflow February 2021/2.2.0 Release Notes

Product: Automation Workflow

Version: 2.2.0

Date: February 8, 2021

  • Stability improvements: The stability and reliability of Automation Workflow has been improved to allow workflows to continue processing items in progress after a crash or reset. (Ref: AUTO-81)

  • Enhanced types in scripting interface: Automation Workflow has introduced new types to the scripting interface to support location, classifications and to allow users to indicate which fields are required. (Ref: AUTO-242)

  • Installer improvements: Several usability improvements have been made to simplify and streamline the installation process for Automation Workflow. (Ref: AUTO-245)

  • Dynamic metadata mapping: Automation Workflow no longer accepts a mapping file in order to map fields in the index to OpenText Content Server Categories and Attributes. Instead, the Automation Workflow scripting project now expects a node id for the category so that the mapping file can be created correctly via the scripting interface. (Ref: AUTO-254)

  • Processing Pipelines / Workflows: Automation Workflow has been improved to allow administrators a set of configurable options for the processing, publishing and rejection pipelines. (Ref: AUTO-258)

  • Simplified Content Server migration configuration: Automation Workflow has simplified the configuration required for the Content Server migration by storing connection details in a source settings file. Note that upgrading to Cognitive Toolkit or higher is now required as a result of this improvement. (Ref: AUTO-270)

  • Improved visualizations: Automation Workflow has now bundled the Automation Dashboard into the installer for Automation Workflow, allowing administrators to import the visualizations into Kibana. (Ref: AUTO-272)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where a file could remain stuck in the Processing folder after a restart or crash. (Ref: AUTO-87)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where a file could be erroneously moved to the Done folder even if the Cognitive Toolkit fails to migrate the document. If the migration has failed, the Automation Workflow will now move the file to the Unknown folder. (Ref: AUTO-62)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where an incorrect WorkingDirectory path or incorrect configuration of PathToCognitiveToolkitExe could erroneously result in files being added to the Done folder. (Ref: AUTO-22, AUTO-23)

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