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Automation Workflow September 2021/2.3.1 Release Notes

Product: Automation Workflow

Version: 2.3.1

Date: September 13, 2021

  • REST Migration: Shinydocs Cognitive Suite has introduced a migration command which performs the Content Server migration tasks via REST calls vs. SOAP. Automation Workflow 2.3.1 adds support for this approach and deprecates the use of the earlier MigrateToContentServer command when using SOAP. Automation Workflow 2.3.1 requires the use of Cognitive Suite 2.5.1 or above as a result. (Ref: AUTO-448)

  • Set Content Server Description: In this release, the Cognitive Suite UpdateContentServerMetadata command supports the –description command in the same manner as the MigrateToContentServer command. (Ref: AUTO-340)

  • Updates to ProcessDocument and PostProcessDocument methods: Automation Workflow has introduced an ability to use a pre-existing index to process documents. In the case that the index is not the result of a file system crawl, such as a Content Server index, the Automation Review scripts that need access to the physical files will fail. To address this issue, the ProcessDocument and PostProcessDocument methods in Automation Workflow have been extended to accept a ProcessData parameter, which is a class which contains a nullable entry for the file path. The DocumentScript will have an additional method to indicate if it needs access to the physical file. (Ref: AUTO-333)

  • New Content Server Module: Automation Workflow and Review 2.3.1 requires the use of the Shinydocs Content Server module version 1.6.8.

  • Bug Fix: Addresses an issue in which “migrationStatus”: “InProgress” message would appear after a failed migration when an invalid TKL value was in use. (Ref: AUTO-462)

  • Bug Fix: Introduces improved error handling for unsuccessful migrations if the same key has been added in error. (Ref: AUTO-458)

  • Bug Fix: Addresses an error when trying to publish a document after the Content Server category has changed, but has not yet been updated on the Content Server folder. This is achieved through the additional command –auto-upgrade-category. (Ref: AUTO-437)

  • Bug Fix: Introduces improved error handling for issues related to the Index Monitor failing to mark a document as complete in automationStatus.automationStatus in the index. (Ref: AUTO-355)

  • Bug Fix: Addresses an issue when querying to find items to publish which would find no results and files would not be moved.

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