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Cognitive Suite 2.8.0 (July 2022) Release

Here is where you will find information on feature enhancements and fixed issues that are part of the Cognitive Suite 2.8.0 (July 2022) release.


AddHashAndExtractedText: Extraction Error Types


A user can now review different extraction error types, as errors from AddHashAndExtractedText are stored in the shinydocs-jobs index.

How to enable

To do so, with shinydocs-jobs index turned on, query against that index using the --use-shinydocs-jobs option. The query file you create will match against our internal index.

Folder Classification for OpenText™ Content Server


Now, when a user moves a file in a Content Server folder, classifications are inherited. This enables organizations to capture more data in the index that can then be used for analysis, improved search, and/or visualizations.

How to enable

This improvement is automatically enabled once updated to Cognitive Suite 2.8.0.

.NET 6 Update


Now, Cognitive Suite uses .NET 6 as its hosting bundle.

How to enable

This improvement is automatically enabled once updated to Cognitive Suite 2.8.0.

Support for new metadata mapping


Now, Cognitive Toolkit supports metadata mapping that includes attributes that belong to sets. For example:

"values": {

"CategorySet.CatDate-1-set": "lastWriteTimeUtc",


  • CategorySet = The name of the Set category created in Content Server

  • CatDate-1-set = The name of an attribute within the Set category

    • Important: The Name of the Set Category and the name of the attribute have a period entered between them

  • lastWrtieTimeUtc = The name of the field in the index that contains the value for the attribute

Please note that Set Category does not currently support a multi-value attribute and that mapping files are case sensitive.

How to enable

To use this functionality, update your version of Cognitive Suite to 2.8.0. Please also ensure that the Content Server “Shinydocs Service” Module is updated to version 1.6.14 (available from Shinydocs Collab). Then, include sets and attributes as part of necessary mapping files, where desired.

Fixed Issues

CrawlFileSystem: Error occurs when path not found


Previously, the CrawlFileSystem tool errored out if one of the paths provided in the path text file for the --path-file argument did not exist or had no permissions to access the path. Now, the CrawlFileSystem tool is working as expected.

CrawlFileSystem: --validate does not account for deletion of nested folders


Previously, when a nested folder was deleted, path validation did not account for the deletion on a crawl. Now, --validate accounts for the deletion of a nested folder.

ExportFromIndex: Exporting removes double spaces from a path


Previously, when exporting data from an index and the path included multiple spaces between text, the export functionality removed all but one space. Now, ExportFromIndex allows for multiple spaces between text within a path.

Hash scans: Files greater than 2GB miscalculated


Previously, when completing a hash scan, files greater than 2GB could be mistagged as zero-byte files and hash values were not calculated for the files. Now, files greater than 2GB are tagged appropriately and hash values are calculated.

Known Issues

There are no known issues to share as part of the Cognitive Suite 2.8.0 release.

Additional Notes

Note that MoveWithinContentServer is replaced by UpdateProperties.

Also note, when creating a mapping file with Migrate/UpdateProperties, if an invalid attribute is entered in the mapping file (for example, the attribute does not exist in the category in Content Server), any subsequent attributes will not be processed. Empty attributes are listed on the item and can be updated with UpdateProperties once the mapping file is corrected.

Lastly, please also note that mapping files are case sensitive.

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