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Cognitive Suite Known Issues (Historical)

Known Issues:

Please Note: As of the Cognitive Suite 2.8.0 (July 2022) release, Known Issues are included within the Release Notes.


There is currently no support for migration for SharePoint On-Premise. (Ref: CT-1964)

The following items are known issues:

Related Product Version(s)

Issue Summary


Version: 2.7.0

There is currently no support for migration for SharePoint On-Premise. (Ref: CT-1964)

Version: 2.7.0

When crawling CrawlContentServer via REST note that the Owner field in the Analytics Engine is set to the users login ID (not Last Name, First Name - as is set by CrawlContentServer via DB). (Ref: CT-2820)

Version: 2.7.0

For saved parameters to work, the yml file must exist in the “Calling Directory”

Version: 2.7.0

AddClassifications does not sync removed RM Classifications or Classifications that have been completely removed

Version: 2.7.0

The version option for UpdateProperties tool is not supported and will be removed.


Email messages (.msg) files are not migrating to Content Server 20.4: The Migrate tool does not work properly for email messages (at least for the .msg file type) migrating to Content Server 20.4 (and perhaps for all 20.x and 21.x versions). The files “appear” to migrate - as reported by the command line - but are properly shown to fail in our Migrated Files - File System to Content Server Dashboard - they are not migrated at all. Note however that Migrate for email messages (.msg) works just fine with Content Server 16.2 - so this is a Content Server 20.x or 21.x specific issue. (Ref. CT-2361)

Planned Fix

SharePoint Online has a limit on huge files that can be downloaded (2 GB or larger, for example). As a result, our AddHashAndExtractedText tool will not work properly on files above that size when using Azure Application Authentication. We have gotten this to work properly when using username/password authentication, however, please be aware that Azure Application Authentication is still the preferred way to access SharePoint Online and files over 2GB cannot be text extracted.

Note that if crawling folders as objects with the Cognitive Toolkit, downstream processing of folders as objects is not currently supported.

When using the UpdateContentServerMetadata tool for RM Classification, if there is an existing RM classification already assigned, if the tool is used to assign another one, it will overwrite the old value. (Ref: CT-854)

When using the MoveWithinContentServer tool, if there is a collision on the name of a given file, the file will fail to move. (Ref: CT-1354)

When using the MoveWithinContentServer tool, when an inherited classification exists on the destination folder and there are classifications on the original files, those will overwrite the inherited classification.

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