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Cognitive Toolkit January 2020/ Release Notes

Product: Cognitive Toolkit


Date: January 27, 2020

  •  Content Server Metadata Crawl (Microsoft SQL Server): The Cognitive Toolkit CrawlContentServer tool now includes support for crawling Content Server, backed by a Microsoft SQL Server database. See –help for CrawlContentServer (for the “–database-type” parameter) for available options. (Ref: CT-467)

  • Query pst Extraction Support: The Cognitive Toolkit now includes a tool for extracting .pst files found in the Shinydocs Index. Based on a query, for those .pst files found, it will extract and expand them and write those folders and messages to the file system in place. Note that the user performing the query/crawl will need to have write permissions in the file system in order for this extraction to be successful. Also note that the 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook will need to be installed on the crawling machine, and the .pst file extraction cannot violate the Windows 260 character path limitation. See –help for ExtractAndCrawlPst for available parameters and options. (Ref: CT-637)

  • The Cognitive Toolkit CrawlFileSystem tool now includes the “–crawl-pst” parameter. While it is possible to crawl and extract .pst files with this tool, it is NOT the recommended approach – we recommend using the ExtractAndCrawlPst tool instead. If you do extract .pst files using the CrawlFileSystem tool, the above conditions apply and note that if you re-crawl and extract the same .pst files, it will re-extract and expand them, writing those folders and messages to the file system again. (Ref: CT-536)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue, when calculating hash or doing full text extraction, where the maximum size quota for incoming messages was exceeded. (Ref: CT-675)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where AddExtractedText was not creating the emailSentDate for .msg files. (Ref: CT-680)

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