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Cognitive Toolkit October 2021/ Release Notes


Product: Cognitive Toolkit


Date: October 19, 2021


  • Crawl SharePoint Online - Page Support: Our CrawlSharePoint tool has been improved to include support for SharePoint Online Pages. SharePoint Online page sanitized text is located in the Shinydocs Index in a field called cc-authoring-canvas-content. In order to include SharePoint Online pages in a crawl, include the option --remove-standard-filter. See --help for CrawlSharePoint for available parameters and options. (Ref: CT-2136)

  • Crawl SharePoint - Source Support: Our CrawlSharePoint tool has been improved to include where the document came from. In the Shinydocs Index, schematype is now set to “sharepoint” for SharePoint on prem or “sharepoint-online” for SharePoint Online. (Ref: CT-2251)

  • Crawl Content Server - Configurable Oracle Timeout: Our CrawlContentServer tool was improved to allow for configurable Oracle timeouts. This value can be set explicitly in the CognitiveToolkit.exe.config file (via <add key="OracleTimeout" value="30" />). (Ref: CT-2253)

  • Copy Items --remove option removed: Our CopyItems tool has had the --remove option removed, since if there is an error with the copy, the remove will still happen (which is not desired). A better workflow is to use the CopyItems tool first, and then based on the success of those copies, use the RemoveItems tool afterwards to remove the original items. (Ref: CT-2254)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where with the CrawlContentServerRest tool, an exception was thrown when non-numeric nicknames were encountered. (Ref: CT-2237)

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