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Content Server “Shinydocs Service” Module July 2021/1.6.7 Release Notes

Product: Content Server “Shinydocs Service” Module (CS 16+.x)

Version: 1.6.7

Date: July 26, 2021

  • Name Change: Note that the previously named “Shinydrive Service” Content Server module is now named the “Shinydocs Service” module in order to better identify that it supports more than just Shinydrive. (Ref: SHMOD-14)

  • Expanded Capability for Add Version: The Shinydocs Service module was improved so that when adding a document version, the other document properties can be updated as well (such as permissions and other metadata). (Ref: SHMOD-3)

  • Improved Update Node: The Shinydocs Service module was improved so that on Update Node, other optional document properties (such as parent) can be updated in the same call. (Ref: SHMOD-4)

  • Future Feature Support: The Shinydocs Service module contains improvements needed for expected future Cognitive Toolkit releases, namely the ability to add duplicated files as numbered files instead of versions and the ability to crawl Content Server Workflows. (Ref: SHMOD-7, SHMOD-19, SHMOD-20, SHMOD-21)

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