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Discovery Search 1.10.0 (October 2022)

Here is where you will find information on feature enhancements and fixed issues that are part of the Discovery Search 1.10.0 (October 2022) release.


Data Enrichment: Enrichment tags


The first enrichment “action” available to users is Tagging. This action allows users to update documents by adding and removing tags. Users can also search by tags on indexed result data.

How to enable

The system administrator must add and configure tags in the Enrichment tags menu within the Admin Panel. The administrator must also enable the Enrichment view for the desired role group(s). Once tags are created and enabled, users that belong to the roles that have been granted access to the Enrichment view option can access them.

You will see the Enrichment tags column after enabling Enrichment view on the search results page. From this view, upon selecting one or more documents, you can add tags by selecting from a list of available tags or remove tags.

You can perform searches based on Enrichment tags three ways:

  1. Enter a tag name as a keyword in the main search bar.

  2. Specify a query operator in the main search bar.

  3. Use an Advanced Search form that has been configured by the administrator to include the enrichmentTags field .

Data Enrichment: Tag action audit


A new Auditing Index is available, helping you understand who updated which documents by adding or removing tags and when those changes were done.

How to enable

The discovery-audit index is available from the backend, accessible via Kibana or a similar visualizer tool.

Advanced Search: new Source, Type, and sort options


Previously, searches performed from Advanced Search matched Any Words only. To fine tune a search, you would have to sort and filter for options on the search results page. Advanced Search now offers three new options to allow for searches of finer granularity in one step:

  • Match

  • Source

  • Sort

How to enable

Advanced Search must be enabled and configured by your administrator. The new options are available to users by default in the Advanced Search dialog.

Fixed Issues

Admin Panel: Roles / Sources missing validation in Indices field


Previously, invalid index names could be saved. Now an error message is displayed when an invalid index name is entered in the Indices field and the new source cannot be saved.

Known Issues

Missing meaningful feedback on searches against invalid index names


Configurations containing invalid index names can be migrated. After migrating older configurations, administrators are advised to confirm the presence or absence of error messages on the Sources page in the Admin Panel under Roles. Fix any invalid index names and save. If invalid index names are not resolved no results will be returned for searches against these indexes. The logs will indicate an invalid index.

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