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eDiscovery Tool September 2019/ Release Notes

Product: eDiscovery Tool


Date: September 12, 2019

  • Delete From Index: With the eDiscovery Tool, you can now delete an entry from the Index (without affecting the original file). This would typically be used if a confidentially named file was crawled, that should not have been. (Ref: CT-55, CT-131)

  • Add or Remove Insights: With the eDiscovery Tool, you can now add or remove Insights on entries in the Index. The Insight field is an array that can hold many values. When you add an Insight, first provide the name of the field (default is “tags”) and then the value you would like to record. Once set, Insight values can likewise be removed via a similar process. (Ref: CT-134)

  • Customize Fields to Display: With the eDiscovery Tool, you can now select which fields you wish to display. Further, you can change the title for each field if you wish, or display an icon or a “Yes” value if the field has any content. See our eDiscovery Manual for further information. (Ref: CT-169)

  • Mouseover Shows Full Path: With the eDiscovery Tool, if you mouseover any displayed Path, it will show you the full path for that object (previously these were cut off by the width displayed). (Ref: CT-170)

  • Saved Searches: You can now “save” searches you use often with the eDiscovery Tool. To save a search, after you specify it, simply click the star icon to the left to add it to your saved searches. Click the star icon again to remove the saved search. Once saved, searches will be available as a value in the drop-down for the search field. (Ref: CT-185)

  • Find Similar Slider: To improve the experience of selecting a percentage for our “Find Similar” feature, the control was changed to a slider. To use, simply select a file to search from and then slide the “Minimum Match Percentage” slider left or right to see fewer or more results. (Ref: CT-298)

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