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Shinydocs Extraction Service January 2022/2.0.0


Product: Shinydocs Extraction Service

Version: 2.0.0

Date: January 31, 2022

New Software Prerequisites

Shinydocs Extraction Service

  • Requires Java/OpenJDK 11


  • Combined Text Extraction + Entity Extraction: As of this release, Text Extraction has been added to our Entity Extraction service (now renamed to be just “Shinydocs Extraction Service”). In the shinydocs-extraction- zipper, run the ShinydocsExtraction.Setup.exe to install. Note the port number that you select during install, since you will need to reference it (if you don’t use the default port number) when you run the AddHashAndExtractedText and ExtractEntities tools. (Ref: CT-2151)

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