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Shinydrive 365 1.0 (May 2023)

Here is where you will find information on feature enhancements and fixed issues that are part of the Shinydrive 365 v1.0 (May 2023) release.

What’s New?

With this Shinydrive release, we are excited to introduce a subscription-based edition called Shinydrive 365. This edition is also compatible with Windows 11.


Subscription-based edition of Shinydrive


This edition of Shinydrive provides unlimited user access with a yearly Shinydrive 365 license. This license allows organizations to create a connection between Shinydrive and an instance of either OpenText™ Content Server or Documentum.

How to enable

Visit the Shinydrive website to enable Shinydrive 365, now with unlimited users and a wider range of options for installation and support – all at a fixed annual subscription.

Shinydrive 365 compatibility with Windows 11


Shinydrive 365 is compatible with Windows 11.

How to enable

We recommend that Windows 11 users enable the Shinydrive Office and Outlook Add-ins. Occasionally, users who work in both on-premise and Microsoft 365 versions of Office may notice a disruption to the full Shinydrive icon overlay experience. For example, on startup, OneDrive icons consistently replace Shinydrive icons.

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