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Shinydrive 2.5.2 (February 2023)

Fixed Issues

Content Sources - Authentication Option needs re-working (Server)


Previously, when adding a new content source, users were prompted to Add anyways. This prompt and the option to set OTDS has been removed from Content Source. Authentication using OTDS is now set in the driver, not the Content Sources. The user interface has also been cleaned up so that Documentum connectors show the repo name instead of just USER_NAME_PASSWORD.

Content Sources - Duplicates of the Data Collection Spec and Search Language fields appeared when the Advanced Settings panel was expanded (Server)


Previously, when selecting the Advanced Settings link a second instance of the Data Collection Spec field and the Search Language field appeared. This behaviour has been fixed so there is no duplication of these fields when the Advanced Settings panel is expanded.

Enterprise Search - Documentum: File size and creation date not showing (Web Client and Server)


Previously, when completing an enterprise search with Documentum, the file size and creation date were not displayed. Now, the file size and creation date are displayed.

Enterprise Search - Documentum: Filters Not Working (Web Client and Server)


Previously, when performing an enterprise search with a Documentum connector, the filters were not working. Now, the search filters/sorting is responsive and respects the input from the user.

Documentum: Unable to add documents with a capitalized extension (Web Client)

An incomplete Save loop occurred when an attempt was made to copy a file with a capitalized extension from Windows Desktop to a Drive connected to Documentum. Files were not successfully saved in the Drive and an error would appear in the Shinydrive log. Now files with capitalized extensions are saved successfully in Drives connected Documentum.

SAML Authentication Flow - OTDS Authentication Screen not appearing (Web Client)


The primary authentication mechanism for Content Server is via SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) with OTDS (OpenText Directory Services). Previously, the Shinydrive Client was not displaying the Authentication Flow screen upon startup, even with the Admin Advanced Settings properly filled in. This issue has been resolved and the Authentication Flow screen now properly displays upon startup.

Adding a folder with 'Folder is ready for archiving' enabled causes an error (Web Client)


Previously, when a user tried to add a folder to Shinydrive by enabling the 'Folder is ready for archiving' feature, an error message appeared and the folder was not archived. This feature is now performing as expected and folders can be successfully archived.

Enterprise Search Show More not displayed (Web Client)


Previously, when performing an enterprise search in the web client, the Show more… option did not display when there were more results to display. This feature is now working as expected and users can browse the entirety of their search results.

Offline: SOAP error when syncing a file that was reserved when user went offline (Web Client)


Previously, users were experiencing errors when attempting to sync pending items. These issues have been resolved. Now, users are advised when a file is reserved by another user. Once the item is unreserved, the retry button can be used in the pending changes to sync the file. A new version is created and changes are reflected.

Records Management: Updates to the Username field in Categories were not saved (Web Client)


Previously, although there was no feedback about the failure, updates to the Username field in Categories were not successful. The update was not visible in either Content Server or in the Shinydrive Categories dialog box, accessible through the Records Management context menu. Now updates are saved when the Save Changes button is selected in the Shinydrive Categories dialog box.

Clear Application Cache not working (Server)


Previously, the Clear Application Cache was not clearing the cache. This feature is now working as expected. After running the feature, the Clear Application Cache button is grayed to indicate the cache has been cleared.

File name not displayed when "Reserve" or "Unreserve" (Web Client and Server)


Previously, file names were not being displayed when several files were selected for the "Reserve" or "Unreserve" options. Users are now able to reserve multiple documents. The reservation window will display the document name and a (tick) or ⛔ . The ⛔ is displayed while the items are also being transitioned into a ‘reserved’ state.

Pending Changes - Progress bar not changing (Web Client)


Previously, when items were in Pending Changes the progress bar was not showing. even though the items were syncing. The progress bar now displays as expected.

User and ADN Content Server attributes not populating (Server)


Previously, the user and ADN Content Server attributes were not populating. Now, the values of ADN Content Server Attributes can be changed and are saved into Content Server.

Crashing when exiting and starting multiple times (Server)


Previously, the Shinydrive Client would crash on sign-in at random times after switching between different profiles and exiting several times. This problem has been fixed.

Known Issues

Enterprise Search Filters not functional (Web Client and Server)


The Filter by Options in the client and the web for enterprise search are not functioning/filtering any longer.

Clear Cache Days is not caching (Web Client and Server)


When Clear Cache Days is set, the cache should be cleared after the set amount of time when Shinydrive is restarted. This feature is currently not functioning as intended. There are plans to resolve this issue in a future version.

Long file path cannot Add Items/navigate with Import to Records Management (Server)


When navigating to a long file path name, users are unable to add items/navigate. When attempted, the following exception is logged: Could not find a part of the path

When navigating to a long file path name with the import to records management option, the window will not let users navigate to the full file path. If furthest item is selected and you attempt to add an item, the View Import window will freeze in a queue. This is a Windows issue that Shinydocs is currently unable to support.

Custom Regex - Saving then opening again clears saved regex (Server)


When a custom regex is added and saved, all the data is saved. When you switch back to the extension list, the regex items are displayed. However, when you save and open the drive again, the area is blank, but the data is still stored in the custom regex when you switch back. If a bad regex is entered, it will clear out the list and may break the allowed list when it tries to parse it.

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