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Shinydrive Content Server HPEL Module December 2018/1.0.4 Release Notes

Product: Shinydrive Content Server HPEL Module

Version: 1.0.4

Date: December 19, 2018

  • HPEL Performance Boost: We have significantly improved the speed of creating an external index for HPEL (High Performance Enterprise Library) by bypassing CWS and going direct to the Content Server database via a new Module. This performance gain was significant (and necessary) for parent folders with many children (on the order of 500,000 children) (Ref: SD-3421, SD-3423, SD-3425, SD-3427, SD-3429, SD-3431)

  • HPEL Performance Boost for Content Server 16.x: The initial HPEL Performance Boost was developed specifically for Content Server 10.5. This feature was to port all functionality to Content Server 16.4 (SD-3574)

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