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Shinydrive Known Issues

Mac Client

  • Effective January 17th, 2021 Shinydocs is no longer compatible with Mac. Support for the Mac client has also been terminated at this time.

Content Server HPEL Module (CS16.x)

  • At this time, HPEL will be moving to a maintenance mode only. No new features will be added. Releases will be on an as needed basis if major bugs are found from any active clients.

The following items are known issues:

Related Product Version(s)

Issue Summary


Client install on a machine with AMD Ryzen processor: Error “Detected 32 bit operating system, please run ShinydriveSetup32.bat” returned in CMD window during install.

Workaround #1: Update the .bat file by replacing “x64” with “x86) in the line that checks for bitness.

Workaround #2: Update Platform Specific key in the registry (Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\CentralProcessor\0) by changing the Hexadecimal value to 0.

Workaround available

Saving Excel File with Required Properties: Error when trying to save an excel file with required properties.

Workaround: Select “overwrite” to enable the save. (Ref: SD-4090)

Workaround available

Required Properties Using Right-click Import: The user is not prompted to add required properties when attempting to upload using the right-click menu.

Workaround: Drag and drop the file into the appropriate folder, one at a time, to select the required properties. (Ref: SD-4050)

Workaround available

Virtual Folders: Support for this Content Server feature has been temporarily removed due to technical considerations. (Ref: SD-3839)


Microsoft OneNote with Shinydrive is not recommended: Microsoft does not recommend using anything other than OneNote to sync. For more details, please check out the article from Microsoft OneNote syncing best practices.


Shinydrive Server with Apache Tomcat® 8.5.16: When selecting your Tomcat version, please choose 8.5+, with the exception of 8.5.16.

Workaround available

SSO with OpenText’s OTDS, version 16.6.x: If you are using Shinydrive in this environment, please contact OpenText™ Customer Support.

Workaround available

2.4.3 and earlier

Upgrading a Shinydrive version earlier than Delete the contents of your existing configuration for the Profiles, Drives, and Content Sources from the Shinydrive Admin panel, stored in \usr\local\shinydrive. These configurations must be re-created after the update has been completed.

Workaround available

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