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Shinydrive Office June 2018/1.3.3 Release Notes

Product: Shinydrive Office

Version: 1.3.3

Date: June 19, 2018

  • Support for Shared Excel Workbooks: In conjunction with our “AutoReserve” feature, if you have Shared Excel Workbooks, these will no longer autoreserve, so that multiple people can edit them at the same time with Shinydrive. Note however that in this use case we recommend setting your Content Server “Max Versions” for to a reasonable number (depending on the Workbook) – such as 100. (Ref: SD-771)

  • Offline Support: Added support for offline access.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with regard to closing/unreserving documents when the action is cancelled. (Ref: SD-2838, SD-2996)

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