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Shinydrive Server + Client October 2017/2.0.0 Release Notes

Product: Shinydrive Server

Version: 2.0.0

Date: October 20, 2017

  • Web App Administration: All Shinydrive configurable items are now accessed and updated via an easy-to-use Web Administration Panel.

  • Dynamic Connectors: Easily add connectors to OpenText Content Server (now including Livelink 9.7.1), Microsoft SharePoint, Shinydrive Cloud, Box, or an SMB File Share (depending on your license). Includes dynamic verification to ensure the specified connector syntax is correct.

  • Drive/Profile Management: Easily add or configure your Drives, including Aggregate Drives.

  • Directory Service Settings: Easily configure your Directory Service settings.

  • Offline Library Settings: Easily add or configure your Offline Library settings (if licensed).

  • General Settings: Easily modify your Custom Date Format (if desired), or enable Server Caching.

  • Verify Information: Easily verify your Tomcat, Java and environment settings.

  • License Information: Easily apply a new Shinydrive License, and verify what you are licensed for.

Product: Shinydrive Windows Client

Version: 1.2.8


  • v2 Server Support: Various improvements were implemented in order support the new v2 Shinydrive Server. (Ref: SD-1322)

  • Icon Overlay Name Cleanup: Improved/Standardized the icon overlay names that are in the Registry. (Ref: SD-2079)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue when addition documents to a folder that just had its Category information updated. (Ref: SD-2057)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Create Date being off by the timezone amount. (Ref: SD-2071)

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